I’ve worked with Tasha for over a year now, and I could not recommend her more highly.  She made shopping, building a wardrobe not only easy for me, but fun.  She has a creative eye and a really special way with color.  She will match things together that I would never think of, and taking me – personality, body type and what I do – into consideration. It’s fun shopping with Tasha – I just try to relax and she brings the outfits to me.  

Donna, Financial Advisor
Pasadena, CA

I was ecstatic with just the shopping trip, but Tasha's talent truly shines when she creates outfits from your new items and what you already have in your closet. The pictures are lifesavers! It's like I am picking an outfit out of InStyle each time I dress. Tasha's style is truly unique, and the risks she suggests you do take are well worth it! I can't believe how many compliments I have gotten from friends and strangers on my outfits since I've worked with Tasha. Tasha is kind, patient and incredibly easy to work with.  She is the girlfriend you WANT to go shopping with!

Stephanie, Actress
Los Angeles, CA

After surviving the effects of 2 pregnancies, I was in need of a more professional appearance to support my goals at work. However, with a busy schedule, I didn’t know where to start. When a friend referred me to Tasha, I was surprised to find that her services were within my reach as an investment in my career and myself. Tasha created a variety of unique and fashionable looks that I use as inspiration for the many more combinations I create from the pieces myself. I feel confident in building on our efforts on my own in the future. Thank you Tasha!

Jill, Entertainment Industry Executive
Los Angeles, CA

Tasha took my very basic ideas and built them into an elegant and sophisticated reality. I continually receive compliments from my friends and colleagues, and have noticed that both acquaintances and strangers take me much more seriously since working with Tasha. Her services have enriched my life in so many ways.

Andrew, Real Estate Development Project Manager
Los Angeles, CA

Letting go of my old style was a bit scary at first because I didn't really know what I wanted. I only I knew that I had to make a change. After our initial consultation I knew I was in the hands of a pro Image Consultant. The results we achieved verified that. I am so glad I hired Tasha! I feel like an enhanced version of myself now, and that is exactly what I wanted. Not only did she change my wardrobe for the better, I got an education in style that I can use for the rest of my life.

John, Entrepreneur
Long Beach, CA

Several of my colleagues have commented on how much weight I've lost even though I've weighed the same for two years!  Only a couple of people figured out that I was dressing better, thanks to Tasha.

Mike , Certified Emergency Manager
San Francisco, CA

You definitely want to invite Tasha into your closet! Tasha overhauled my entire wardrobe with efficiency, humor and a straightforwardness that was surprising and welcome. She's well-educated and well-versed in fashion and style with a unique, deeply creative twist that I love! Tasha has the uncanny ability to connect you with your own sense of style and make you comfortably fashionable and vice versa. She is an innately talented stylist. Thanks to Tasha, my closet remains a no-fail environment.

Sarah, Film Producer
Los Angeles, CA

I asked Tasha for help in cultivating a professional image, with a creative flair. She gave me very clear direction, and put together pieces in ways I'd never thought of, essentially doubling my wardrobe without me having to spend another penny. I was impressed by her integrity, honesty, and genuine concern for my well-being. To my surprise, I found that I also grew as a person through the process. She asked pertinent questions and made observations that enabled me to define myself better, and broke down some mental blocks that were keeping me stuck in a rut. Since then, people constantly comment on how well put-together I look, and I know when I walk into any business meeting or social function that I am projecting a positive image, even before I say a word. 

Lilli, Executive Branding
Pasadena, CA

When I was invited to go to a party at the Playboy Mansion, I knew I had to get together a special outfit in just a few days' notice. Out of the ten image consultants I contacted in Los Angeles, Tasha was by far the friendliest and the most professional. In a matter of hours she found several killer outfits for me, and I'm continually complimented on them. Tasha will put together a 'hit' look for you.

Mike, Video Game Designer
Philadelphia, PA

I no longer get teased by my colleagues or friends…I feel and look so classy, and I'm treated as such by everyone that I encounter. Tasha not only taught me about style and fashion, but helped me address some bad habits of speech that really weren't serving me well. Through working with her, I feel a boost in my confidence. And, it was a blast! I'm ready to take on the world!

Tamara, Financial Services Executive
Garden Grove, CA

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