Fashion Consultant Services

Where to begin?

Contact Tasha to set up your complimentary phone consultation. Together we'll determine which services will best meet your needs, whether you’re at a major crossroad in your life, looking for a Style and Wardrobe overhaul, preparing for a special event or just need someone to show you how to avoid making costly shopping mistakes. 


Closet Catharsis

During this review and edit of your existing wardrobe, we’ll consider which items should be kept, which need alterations, which have lost their utility and why. We’ll make a list of clothing and accessories needed to complete and update your wardrobe. We’ll also organize your closet so that everything will be easy to find.

Hunting and gathering

We'll visit stores pre-selected with your specific needs and your budget in mind. Along the way, you'll come to understand what complements your style, coloring, features and proportions as well as how to recognize it quickly on the rack. And most importantly, we’ll take the mystery and pain out of shopping -- and have fun in the process!

Curating Your Collection

Back to your closet to integrate your new pieces with those from your existing wardrobe. We'll put together several outfits (10 – 15 on average) including accessories and photograph them for you. It makes getting dressed incredibly hassle-free. This is a great visual reference that can be added to over time. The Personal Image Development program is most effective when followed through to this stage.

In addition to working with your wardrobe, we may explore other areas for potential refinement:

skin care
health and fitness
eye wear
poise/body language
diction/effective communication styles

*Total Package services are also available individually.

Personal Shopping

Our expert Fashion Consultants will do the shopping for you and bring the items to your home or office! We’ll also do returns or exchanges as necessary. We'll give you "celebrity treatment" with your own Personal Fashion Stylist.

Special Event Preparation

From a black-tie event to a career-defining presentation, a hot date to your entire wedding party..... We’ll make sure that you look and feel extraordinary, whether you prefer to be understated or make a bold statement.


For business or pleasure, from overnight to extended travel, one climate or many, your luggage will be well-organized and replete with outfits for any occasion.


Take the first step towards your Personal Image Development transformation - Click here to set up a complimentary phone consultation, which will include more detailed information about services, packages and pricing.


“Did you know that, typically, Americans wear only 20% of their clothes, 80% of the time?”

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